Taco Bell throws a slumber party

Fast food chain turns one of its stores into an Airbnb for a night

You’ve heard of a staycation, but what about a “SteakCation”? Inspired by consumers taking “trips” in their own cities, Taco Bell Canada transformed one of its restaurants into a living space perfect for a night in.

As part of a promotion with Airbnb, the quick-serve restaurant held a SteakCation contest to win a one-night stay at the transformed space in Chatham, Ontario, in support of its Steak Doubledillas. After looking through thousand of entries, the brand selected Jennifer as the winner.

Jennifer and her three friends were treated to such amenities as a Taco Bell butler, branded robes and eye masks, and cheese-shaped Taco Bell soap. The final surprise: a year’s worth of free Taco Bell.

Taco Bell captured the whole experience on video. Take a look:

This article first appeared on MarketingMag.ca

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