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Target focused on integrated innovation

A look at how technology and business strategy are intertwined at Target

It's only been two years since Minnespolis-based Target redesigned its website, but since then it has transformed from a store-based culture to a integrated innovation. In just a few months, a report said Target has revamped Target Mobile, launched a digital coupon program on Facebook and created a YouTube live-stream featuring millennials in dorm rooms all decorated with Target merchandise that consumers can scroll over to purchase. There's a group of technology and business strategists at its new innovation center near Silicon Valley who test inventions in individual stores. Within the center, there's even Hi Tech, which resembles Genius Bar in Apple stores where specialists offer personal IT support. Innovation is coming from the inside out at Target, with the head of the innovation center, a former Apple exec, briefing Minneapolis head office on what their engineers, technologists have discovered every month. The report said projects are divided into three categories: core research, learnings and handoffs (ideas that would work for other departments at Target). There are also contests for employees to create the "big ideas" with winners getting money to develop their projects. To read more, go here.

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