Target sets its bull's-eye on Silicon Valley

Discount retailer looks to reinvent itself for the digital age

From the inside, it looks like any of the hundred of tech startups in San Francisco and neighbouring Silicon Valley, with the 20 and 30 somethings infront of Mac screens in the open concept office.

The only difference is that it isn't a startup, it's the new Technology Innovation Center of cheap chic U.S. retailer Target.

Following in Walmart's footsteps, Target is reinventing themselves in the digital age, says a report.

Target and Walmart are both looking beyond their websites to find the next must-have technology innovations as store traffic stalls while online sales gain traction year after year.

Walmart has its e-commerce headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., while Nordstrom and Home Depot operate tech labs in Seattle and Austin, Texas, respectively all in an effort to get closer to the talent pool.

Mobile payments, maps, social interaction, data analytics are all part of the multichannel offer retailers like Target are looking at developing.

To find out more about Target's innovation centre, go here.

To watch video on Target's Technology Innovation Centre, go here.

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