Target tests click-to-buy shoppable film


Target announced on its A Bullseye View blog that they’ll be releasing their first-ever shoppable film, in three five-minute webisodes starting Oct 2.

Titled “Falling for You,” the short film is a romantic comedy highlighting more than 100 fall fashion, beauty and home product from Target—it’s essentially an extension of the fall marketing campaign.

Viewers can shop and share product seen in each episode without interrupting the film.

Minneapolis’ digital agency Space150 designed the click-to-buy interactivity in the film.

Items in the video appear on a sidebar on the right-hand side of the video screen, according to a New York Times report.

By clicking on a “heart” icon, users can purchase the item; the “share” button allows users to post to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Billy Jurewicz, the chief executive of Space150, said in the Times that while the video was meant to encourage shopping and sharing content, the sharing and shopping tools were purposely left to the side of the main screen so they would not interfere with the video.

The film stars Kristen Bell, Nia Long and Zachary Abel, and is directed by Emmy-nominated Mad Men director Phil Abraham.

It takes place at Target headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.

According to the Times, the film tells of two Target employees, Bell and Abel, who flirt and compete with each other.

In the first episode, the boss gives them an assignment to create a campaign for the Target fall collection.

The winning idea will debut on Oct. 10 at a live streaming event in New York City, said the Times.

Check out the video below for scenes from the set of “Falling for You."

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