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Temperature checks resume at T&T

Now that outside temperatures have cooled, temperature checks are back on

Now that outside temperatures have cooled, T&T Supermarket is resuming voluntary temperature checks on customers entering its stores.

The Loblaw-owned Asian specialty grocery chain began conducting temperature checks on consumers in April as part of many safety measures it adopted to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But, T&T suspended those checks in June over concerns the readings could be inaccurately high due to summer weather.

Though the temperature checks are voluntary, customers are required to wear a face mask in the store.

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"From the beginning of the pandemic, we have aspired to be a safe shopping destination for Canadians," said Tina Lee in a note posted on the grocer's website. "And so far, we have delivered on that ... It has now been 87 days since our last case."

Lee said T&T had been busy preparing for a second wave of COVID-19, including securing the fall season food supply chain and expanding online services. "We are ready," said Lee.



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