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Tesco unveils its store of the future

The retailer shows the new look for its larger stores that are offering a one-stop shop experience

U.K. grocer Tesco unveiled its new store in Watford, what it calls its blueprint for its large Extra banner hypermarket stores.

The 80,000-sq.-ft. renovated space in a town 27 km northwest of central London features several shops under one roof.

The shops, all part of Tesco's portfolio, include a Giraffe restaurant, Harris + Hoole coffee shop, and Euphorium Bakery.

It's all a bid to get customers to come to the one-stop shop instead of staying home and shopping online.

There's also a community room at the newly refurbished store that can be used for parties, meetings, gatherings.

Tesco has committed  £1 billion to renovate stores to create retail destinations.

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