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Tetra Pak challenges consumers to help the planet and boost happiness



Can our level of personal happiness be lifted simply by adapting a few basic habits to help the planet? Yes, says a new survey.

Commissioned by Tetra Pak, the survey found that 70% of respondents claimed to feel happier after making an “eco-minded choice.”

The survey followed what the company calls its "social experiment in renewability" where—in partnership with University College London in the United Kingdom and Tilburg University in the Netherlands—it challenged bloggers in five countries to adopt renewable habits (from walking to work to making better choices when grocery shopping) over a 28-day period. The experiment, Tetra Pak says, revealed two things: how quickly the new behaviours became habits and how adapting them boosted the participants' happiness.


Now, the package manufacturer is encouraging consumers everywhere to pitch in and protect the planet’s resources (and find happiness doing so) by participating in its #RenewableLiving Challenge. Over a 28-day period participants are encouraged to make simple changes to conserve water, reduce waste and conserve energy.

According to the company: "At Tetra Pak, we believe that even simple lifestyle behaviours have the power to make a big impact, on both a personal and global scale."

Read Tetra Pak's #RenewableLiving White Paper

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