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Toonies for Tummies issues a call for sponsors


The Grocery Foundation is in the midst of planning next year's Toonie for Tummies campaign and is looking for sponsors to take part.

Sponsorship for the 2018 campaign, which runs in participating grocery stores in Ontario and Western Canada early next year, involves a $30,000 investment and includes a turn-key activation with social media support and in-store elements.

Toonies for Tummies raises funds to support nutritious eating programs for school children by asking shoppers to donate $2 at the checkout. The campaign has been running in Ontario for 13 years and expanded west for the first time this year. Fourteen sponsor brands took part in the 2017 campaign including Allen’s, Chef Boyardee, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Tropicana and Quaker.
This year's effort raised more than $840,000 that benefitted the communities where the donations were made. Research by the foundation a few years ago found consumers are more likely to make a donation if they know the funds are staying in their communities. Click here to see how last year's donations are making a difference.

"By growing the sponsor and retailer community, we are able to break through and truly position how the industry as a collective is making a difference towards one of the country's most pressing issues," said Shaun McKenna, the Grocery Foundation's recently-appointed executive director, in a media release.

Established in 1979, The Grocery Foundation is comprised of retailers, manufacturers and food brokers working together to provide assistance to children across the province.

The non-profit organization has raised more than $85 million through fundraising initiatives such as Toonies for Tummies and the annual Night to Nurture Gala.

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