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Topline: Canadians are sweet on Halloween candy

Field Agent looks at Canadian’s candy buying and consumptions habits ahead of the big night
Shutterstock/Leena Robinson

It's nearly Halloween--one of the biggest occasions for purchasing and consuming candy. In fact, 80% of Canadian households will buy treats to hand out to the kiddies this year, while 69% of households will also buy Halloween treats that will not be given away but used for personal consumption.

Conducted by: Field Agent

Methodology: Survey of more than 1,900 Canadians on their Halloween candy purchases and consumption habits

Key findings:

  •  The three most popular retailers for purchasing Halloween treats are Costco, Walmart and Superstore.

  • 11% of Canadian households buy Halloween treats exclusively for personal consumption.

  • Canadians say they plan to buy approximately 237 treat portions.

  • Canadians expect an average of 54 kids will visit each household

  • Each trick or treater will get about three treats.

  • What types of treats do Canadians plan on purchasing? Chocolate (89%), candy (72%), chips (49%), non-food treats (12%), beverages (8%) and healthy alternatives (3%).

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