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Toronto has a new high-end grocery service

CiboMarket gives Torontonians access to restaurant-quality food

Another example of COVID-inspired food business reinvention went live this week, with the launch of a high-end grocery e-commerce service in Toronto called CiboMarket.

Food and grocery business models have undergone dramatic shifts in response to the coronavirus over the past few months, with many quickly adapting to introduce new options to meet shifting consumer patterns. In the case of CiboMarket, it’s Toronto restaurant business Liberty Entertainment Group getting into the grocery game.

CiboMarket functions as a grocery portal connecting consumers to the network of high-end suppliers that Liberty uses for its six Toronto restaurants. The market will include fresh fruits and vegetables, pantry staples, butchery options as well as wine and spirits.

Like most bars and restaurants that found their dining rooms shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, Liberty Entertainment Group pivoted to introduce curbside pickup and delivery options since the pandemic started. Aside from getting into delivery in new ways, other restaurants have pivoted to offer meal kits and market-style grocery options.

Liberty is positioning its grocery service to resonate with the same consumer group who prefer the up-market quality of its restaurants, offering “premium quality food and service” for what it describes as “Toronto’s premium grocery shopping cognoscenti.” Liberty Entertainment Group is owner of Blueblood Steak House, Cibo, Supper Club at Rosewater and more.

“We’re the first to combine everything our restaurant patrons or customers may want or need in one easy-to-access place, and through technology, swiftly source and deliver the very best to their home,” said Liberty Group president and CEO, Nick Di Donato.

“With our new online service we are fully committed to offering only the very best, with the same exacting standards we’ve set for ourselves in our restaurant properties,” he said. “Only the leading purveyors and suppliers can meet our needs—and now we promise to deliver the same, quickly and safely, to our customer.”

Customers pay a $7.95 delivery fee on orders under $75. Delivery is free on orders over $75. CiboMarket currently offers delivery to north and west Toronto, with plans to expand in the Greater Toronto Area.

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