Trader Joe's best customer is also their worst nightmare

A Vancouver grocer is reselling Trader Joe's goods, however in this case, imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery

Leave it to a crafty Canadian to get on to Trader Joe's radar.

Trader Joe, the popular California grocery chain that is a treasure hunter's favourite pitstop, has one Vancouverite in its sights, and not in a good way.

Michael Hallatt has spent more than $350,000 at Trader Joe’s in less than two years, he said in a report.

Every weekend, Hallat goes across the border to purchase Trader Joe’s products in the U.S., he then resells them in his shop, Pirate Joe's.

Trader Joe's has now filed a lawsuit against Hallatt for among other things, alleged federal trademark infringement. Hallat responded by removing the "P" from his signage, going by Irate Joe’s.

Trader Joe's doesn't have any stores in Canada, although records showed it has obtained a Canadian trademark.

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