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Trader Joe's founder wrote a book on how to build a brand

Written before his passing last year, Joe Coulombe's book "Becoming Trader Joe” is now available
Trader Joe's founder Joe Coulombe standing in front of a grocery shelf

A new book by the late Trader Joe’s founder Joe Coulombe on how he built his grocery business will be hitting store shelves soon. The autobiography, Becoming Trader Joe, was released June 22 by publishing house HarperCollins.

Coulombe started writing the reflections several years ago as a way to get his story on record. He passed away last year at the age of 89, while the book was still in the publishing process. It was completed by co-author Patty Civalleri and the entrepreneur’s longtime friend and original employee, Leroy Watson.

The book includes a host of anecdotes, such as the origins of now-famous employee Hawaiian shirts and Fearless Flyer newsletter. In it, the grocer also shares his thoughts on wages, organic foods, and discusses the history of private-label innovations at his stores.

Becoming Trader Joe is available at book stores and through

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