T&T Supermarket aiming for holiday exemption status

Grocer in early stages of seeking permission to stay open on holidays

A T&T Supermarket in Mississauga, Ont. is trying to get holiday exemption status from the Region of Peel.

If granted this status, the store would be allowed to operate on Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day.

An article in the Brampton Guardian reports that the wheels are in motion to set up a public meeting during which T&T's application for holiday exemption status would be considered. It is still early days in the process in that councillors have not yet decided whether a meeting proposed for March 12 in Brampton will happen.

In order to qualify for this particular exemption to the Retail Business Holidays Act, T&T would need to qualify as a "tourist friendly" retail area, according to the article.

Other shopping sites in the area that have been granted the exemption are Bramalea City Centre in Brampton, Ont. and Square One shopping centre in Mississauga.

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