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T&T suspends voluntary temperature checks on shoppers

CEO Tina Lee says summer temperatures may result in "inaccurately high" results

T&T Supermarket is suspending the voluntary temperature checks it was conducting on shoppers before they entered its stores, because CEO Tina Lee says the results may be "inaccurately high."

In April, the Loblaw-owned Asian specialty grocery chain started temperature checks on shoppers entering its stores as part of many safety measures it adopted to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

But T&T is still limiting the number of people allowed in its stores at one time, which means shoppers are waiting outside in summer-like temperatures. During a hot weekend in Toronto the grocer noticed temperatures were running high, said Lee in a note published on T&T's website.

"We don't want to be turning away customers that are registering a high temperature just because they have been standing outside in the heat, or just coming in after some outdoor activity," said Lee.

T&T will revisit temperature checks once summer is over, but until then, shoppers are still required to wear a mask in store. Mandatory temperature checks on employees remain in place.

The temperature check system was one of several preventative measures the grocer put in place including installing Plexiglass barriers at cash, providing cashiers with protective eyewear and enforcing social distancing in store.

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