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Tuning into success: Why food brands are embracing in-store audio advertising

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According to a recent Statistic Canada report, 94% of all 2023 retail sales transactions in Canada were generated in-store. Brick-and-mortar is alive and well, and within these physical locations, a new advertising medium is changing the game for CPG brands.

In-store audio advertising is a simple yet revolutionary format that gives brands direct access to high-intent shoppers as they browse the aisles. This piece will explore the reasons behind its surge in popularity, and why a leading brand like Clover Leaf chose Stingray Advertising for its in-store audio debut.

Cutting through the noise at point-of-purchase

Grocery environments are highly competitive and crowded places to advertise products. Consumers are faced with countless options, and decision fatigue is commonplace. Visually, it’s easy to become overwhelmed: all you see are brands competing for your attention.

For food brands, leveraging audio advertising within a contextually relevant environment like a grocery store helps break through the noise. Unlike a visual format, like a POP display or shelf talker, audio ads engage every shopper, no matter where they’re located. Here’s how.

  • Right place, right time: 60% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf; reach target audiences in a contextual environment where buying decisions are made.
  • Proven ROI: 75% of shoppers who recall hearing an audio ad say they bought a product as a direct result of hearing the ad.
  • Highly customizable: in-store audio ads can be created to amplify a message, promotion, or offer. They can also align brands with a seasonal event like Halloween or National French Fry Day.
  • Unskippable and unavoidable: Unlike visual ads that can easily be ignored or blocked, in-store audio blankets entire locations, engaging every shopper without being intrusive.

Clover Leaf's success with Stingray Advertising

Leading food brand Clover Leaf recently chose Stingray Advertising to launch its first in-store audio advertising campaign. According to Li Cao, Director of Marketing at Cloverleaf:

"Stingray's audio advertising program is a game changer for brands, providing a captivating platform to reach consumers with creative, targeted, and impactful messages in the in-store environment. We are very happy that we elevated our Wild Tuna with Flavour message and connect with customers in a meaningful way."

The future of in-store audio advertising

This channel might be new on the scene, but it’s quickly proving how effective it can be. As more food brands take the plunge, this budding trend will continue to grow in popularity. Brands like Clover Leaf have already experienced success with this retail media tactic, and we expect many more to follow suit.

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