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Upcoming Mintel webinar: What do Canadians want in food and drink?


What do Canadians want in food and drink? That will the topic of a webinar this Wednesday (Aug. 18) hosted by Mintel.

Using a cross-section of reports that cover an array of food and beverage categories, this webinar will provide context on what’s important to Canadians.

By attending, you will get a look at consumer demands in the context of broader demographic changes. More specifically as more baby boomers enter their retirement years, and millennials enter their “family” years when they have children, this webinar will look at what manufacturers and retailers should be focused on to meet consumer demands.

In this webinar, Mintel will provide more in-depth information on how to address the needs of these individuals in helping contribute to a balanced lifestyle in ways that resonate. The webinar will help you questions such as:

• What lifestyle choices are affecting food and drink purchases?

• How can recognizing millennial trends create brand loyalty?

• Which trends are embraced by both boomers and millennials?

• How is society affecting attitudes towards food and drink?

• What can companies do to capitalize on the preferences of these two groups?

You'll also learn key facts about Canadian consumer attitudes. For instance, at 22%, gluten-free ranks near the bottom of what consumers buy. Number one? Trans-fat free (54%)

As no one eats in a bubble, Mintel’s webinar will also identify specific global trends we’re seeing and discuss how they’re applicable in the Canadian market with fact based data to provide the audience with intelligence to make informed decisions to help their business today and tomorrow.

A full recording will be sent to all registrants following the live presentation. Register today!

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