Vince's Market introduces bio bags

Ontario grocer swaps plastic for 100% biodegradable shopping bags

Recognizing single-use plastic as a threat to our soils and oceans, Vince's Market is doing its part to reverse what it sees as a "disturbing trend."

Shoppers at all four Vince's Market locations—Newmarket, Uxbridge, Sharon and Tottenham—are now provided with bio-based shopping bags. These "green" bags are made from a bio hybrid resin based on up to 70% sustainable and renewable plant start that is 100% biodegradable and will break down in about 15 months without leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

The retailer is not only swapping out plastic at the checkout, it has also introduced bio-based "convenience bags" in its produce department, which Vince's says aside from providing a more environmentally-friendly way to transport fruits and vegetables, the bags can extend the freshness of the items up to six days.

"We have always felt that minimizing food packaging waste is an important role we play as an independent grocer," said Giancarlo Trimarchi, partner and CFO at Vince's Market. "We need to be the leaders that can affect change."

In a release, Vince's Market says reducing plastics by way of the Vince's bio bags removes about 1.2 million plastic shopping bags and 400,000 convenience bags from landfills.

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