WagJag Grocery expands nationally


WagJag.com has rolled out WagJag Grocery (formerly FoodScrooge.com) nationally offering members across Canada exceptional savings on bulk grocery items direct from the manufacturer and available for pick up at local grocery stores or delivery anywhere Canada Post delivers.

WagJag.com members enjoy savings on fresh bulk products and WagJag Grocery is working with neighbourhood grocery retailers across Canada to drive new customers to their businesses.

It has partnered up with retailers like Buy-Low Foods, Nestor's Market and Country Grocer expanding WagJag Grocery's bulk meat, fish and seafood pickup business to Vancouver Lower Mainland and Ottawa.

"We're very excited about this new offering for our members," said Jeremy Zuker, general manager of WagJag.com in a press release. "It is our goal to continue to provide new ways for consumers to save and discover new and, in this case, tasty, products".

WagJag is the largest group-buying website based in Canada. By bringing together groups of buyers with combined purchasing power, WagJag offers up to 90 percent off the regular price.

WagJag.com acquired FoodScrooge Inc. in September and has since renamed the brand WagJag Grocery.

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