Waitrose experiments with iBeacon technology

New app to send customized in-store marketing messages and personalized greetings

Waitrose is taking in-store marketing to a new level. The British grocer is experimenting with the use of iBeacons—a small-scale network transmitter that can be used to identify and track smart phones—at its recently launched concept store in Swindon. Beacons will be placed at the entrance and throughout the store, poised to recognize customers as they walk by. The app will push out a customized message welcoming customers, and the beacons in the aisles will highlight marketing messages. It also allows customers to scan barcodes and read customer reviews of products, add items to a virtual shopping basket and eventually to pay for their shop via a mobile wallet. Cheryl Millington, Waitrose's IT director, likens the app to a personal assistant. This is the first of many technology-driven initiatives Waitrose is trying out as part of their goal to improve the shopping experience. Read the full story here.

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