Wal-Mart raises $3 million for breakfast programs


Wal-Mart and Breakfast Clubs of Canada announced that its Taste for Learning Tour raised a record-breaking $3 million for school breakfast programs across Canada.

Wal-Mart Canada is proud to continue to support kids’ breakfast programs in Canada,” said David Cheesewright, president and CEO, Wal-Mart Canada. “Our associates, customers, and suppliers continue to show overwhelming generosity to ensure Canadian children get a nutritious start to their day.”

The money raised will provide funding, equipment, food donations, management tools and support for school breakfast programs.

Following an eight-city Taste for Learning tour, Wal-Mart ran an in-store fundraising campaign at its stores, Feb. 17-March 20, where its customers were invited to purchase a $1 bookmark, equivalent to one nutritious breakfast for a child.

The in-store campaign raised more than $2.2 million and received more than $646,00 in corporate matching grants.

Wal-Mart is the largest corporate donor and partner for Breakfast Clubs of Canada and has raised close to $16 million since 2005.

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