Walk Tesco's newest store right now. Really!

Google Street View lets you walk the aisles of "the very latest in retail innovation"

Last week, Britain’s biggest grocery chain, Tesco, unveiled the new look of its Extra format store in Watford.

The 80,000 square foot store emphasizes fresh food and food to go and comes with appropriate hyperbole. Tesco calls it “the very latest in retail innovation” and the store is aimed at combating online sales by creating a “retail destination.”

Other areas of the store include a Giraffe restaurant, Harris + Hoole coffee shop, a new-look general merchandise area and community space for, say, doing yoga.

Alas, we here in Canada can’t see it. Or can we?

Thanks to the mall version of Google Street View, we can take a walk directly through the store without an expensive and time-consuming flight across the pond.

Click here to take a walk through Tesco’s new store.

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