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Walmart bolstering its e-comm with new trials

Walmart puts up its dukes to try and take on

In a bid to build up its e-commerce offering and take on Amazon, Walmart is experimenting with some new initiatives.

One of the things Walmart is working on is a service called Walmart Pickup-Grocery in select U.S. test markets. The service features outdoor kiosks at which customers can pick up groceries they've ordered and paid for online. Once a pick-up time is chosen, the customer simply drives up to the kiosk, types in a code and has a Walmart employee deliver their goods to their car.

The retailer is also testing a subscription service called Shipping Pass. For the price of $50 annually, members (currently there are only invite-only members taking part) get limitless free three-day delivery on orders.

As reported by Fortune, this service is keeping in line with the predictability and low cost that customers have wanted from delivery services.

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