Walmart Canada rolls out AI technology to replenish shelves faster

The computer vision AI solution from Focal Systems promises to be a “game-changer” for the retailer
walmart canada employee stocking shelves
Photography via Walmart Canada

After a 70-store pilot, Walmart Canada is bringing technology that automates out-of-stock detection to its stores nationwide. 

The AI solution from Focal Systems works by scanning shelves at predetermined intervals via computer vision cameras installed in popular areas.

When a product goes out of stock, it will trigger replenishment through Walmart’s existing inventory systems, at which point an associate will receive the alert and re-stock the shelf. 

“We know it can be disappointing for customers when we don’t have products they want available on our shelves,” Robin DeMers, director, store optimization, said in a release. “This leading-edge technology provides real-time, automated alerts for replenishment in key priority areas within our stores. It also empowers our associates with cool tech that makes a big difference in the way they are able to work and provide the best possible customer experience.”

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