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A Walmart convenience store? Believe it

New format opened in Bentonville aims to capture the fill-in grocery shopper

Walmart has built its hundreds of billions in sales through big stores like Supercentres and Sam’s Club.

Lately, however, Walmart has gone small, introducing banners with tinier footprints likes Neighborhood Market and Walmart Express

Now Walmart is adding another small banner: Walmart to Go is a convenience store that just opened in the retailer’s hometown of Bentonville, Ark.

Walmart to Go combines c-store amenities, grocery products, a quick-serve restaurant plus a gas station, according to an article published on

Unique features in the store include a Krispy Kreme donut stand, a counter that sells fresh deli sandwiches and barbecue ribs, and a Greek yogurt smoothie station.

With the new store, Walmart is hoping to capture a bigger slice of the quick shopping trip market. The company says it has just 10 per cent of this market but it estimates that fill-in trips account for 40 per cent of grocery spending.

Read the full Citywire story here.

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