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Walmart, Costco preferred Canadian retailers for Halloween candy: Study

Halloween treats are more expensive this year, but that won’t stop the majority of Canadians from stocking up
halloween candy

Ghastly prices at the grocery store couldn’t keep Canadians away from the Halloween candy aisle this year.

Even as the cost of Halloween goodies increased 13.1% since last year, Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab, in partnership with Caddle, found 53% of Canadians will hand out candy on Oct. 31.

As for where they’ll buy that candy, the lab said Walmart is the number one option for Canadians at 22.7%, followed by Costco at 21.2%. Discount grocery stores are third at 20.7%, followed by traditional grocery stores at 19.5%. 

While drug stores/pharmacies are preferred by 6.2% of Canadians, 5.4% prefer dollar stores to get candy for Halloween.

When it comes to selecting which candy to purchase, 62% of respondents said they choose treats they’d eat themselves, while 52.9% said price is an important factor.

Selecting an allergy-free candy is important for 29.7% of Canadians. While 20.1% said better packaging is an important consideration, 12.6% believe it is important to buy treats that are healthy for children. Interestingly, only 19.0% of Canadians believe Halloween-themed packaging is important when selecting candy for trick-or-treaters.

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