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Walmart goes 24-7 for Christmas


Walmart says that more than half its stores in Canada will stay open round the clock until Christmas.

In total, 193 of Walmart's 323 stores will run day and night. Most will switch to 24-7 shifts on December 3, but a few won’t start until December 10. They'll remain open until Christmas Eve.

“For everyone from busy moms to shift workers, flexible hours, one-stop shopping and everyday low prices continue to make Walmart stores a top destination for holiday shoppers year after year,” the company said in a statement. It cited a poll by Maritz that found Walmart is the most popular destination for Christmas shoppers, with 66% of Canadians planning to shop there for the holidays.

Stores that will remain open 24-7 cover every province and major centre in Canada except for Quebec. A complete list of cities where Walmart will operate round the clock can be found here.

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