Walmart makes changes to its mobile app

Retailer says new features make it quicker and easier to shop in store

Walmart has added a handful of improved features to its mobile app not only to help customers get in and out quickly, but also to assist them before they even leave the house.

The app automatically switches to "Store Assistant" mode when shoppers enter one of the retailer's U.S. locations and includes such features as Walmart Pay. The product search bar and scanner are also easier to find, according to a blog post announcing the changes.

Other new features include:

  • Smarter lists: Walmart says 80% of its shoppers make a list before heading to the store, so now the list-building feature allows shoppers to check inventory before arriving in store. Additionally, the total cart, plus tax, is calculated as users make their lists, so they can see the cost of a basket before building it in-store. And, items can easily be crossed off or added as customers shop.

  • Individual store maps: Each store is getting a unique map to help users find where an item is located, down to aisle and shelf.

  • Even more information: Users can check whether a store has a department such as a photo or auto-care centre, and then check department hours and phone numbers.

Further updates to be added down the line include dropping pins on a store map tied to the location of items on a list, the ability to plan a route through the store and booking services such as oil changes in advance.

Walmart has been adding various new features to its mobile app to give customers a more convenient experience shopping both in-store and online. These include a two-step process for making returns and expanding its Scan & Go technology to select stores across 33 states.

Walmart Canada recently launched the "My Walmart" app that allows shoppers to browse the retailer's flyer and scan items in store for prices and stock information. In an email to Canadian Grocer, a Walmart Canada spokesperson said the retailer would continue to enhance the app and add store-specific features.

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