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Walmart private-label coffee to be sustainably sourced by 2020

Retail giant joined Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge

Walmart has announced that it’s aiming to source all of its private-label coffee sustainably by 2020.

Walmart set this goal for itself when the retail giant joined Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge—a collaborative effort of companies, governments, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and others seeking to advance sustainability efforts in the coffee sector.

Walmart is the first major North American retailer to join the Challenge, according to a blog post on Walmart’s website. The Sustainable Coffee Challenge was created in 2015, and it now includes more than 80 international partners.

“We know our customers are looking for sustainable options, and when they enjoy the aroma of our private brand coffee, we want to be able to meet their expectations,” wrote Fernando Serpa, vice-president, sourcing and procurement Latin America for Walmart, in the blog post.

“As a retailer, we value the men and women who produce the products our customers want, and we expect our suppliers to provide workers with safe and healthy working conditions," added Serpa. "By selling products with certifications and incorporating feedback from coffee growers, we are working to make our coffee value chain effective and sustainable for everyone, from the farmers to our customers and that first delicious sip in the morning.”

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