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Walmart turns to unique solutions to combat out-of-stocks

The retailer is looking to improve its out of stock situation with third-party audits and proposed executive accountability

For a retailer that prides itself on its efficient supply chain, Walmart has been dealing with stocking woes recently.

To fix its stocking problem that resulted when it slashed the number of staff in stores, the retailer recently proposed linking stocked shelves with executive compensation.

Another solution has been to use Acosta Inc., an outside auditor, and rollout a “green dot program” in April. Neon green dots are put on items workers need to focus on when it comes to out of stocks.

Acosta, which has worked with Target and Whole Foods in the past, has been working with Walmart for the past two years.

Since the company began the green dot program in April that audits on-shelf availability (OSA) of about 700 important items, Walmart reported in the first quarter its OSA was in the 93-95% range.

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