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Want to add Amazon's cashierless tech to your stores? Now you can

The e-giant says several deals are in place with retailers interested in the Just Walk Out technology

Amazon has made its cashierless, grab-and-go technology, found in the Amazon Go convenience and grocery stores, available to other retailers.

The technology, called "Just Walk Out," uses ceiling computer-vision cameras and shelf sensors to track what shoppers put in their carts or baskets, allowing those shoppers to leave the store without waiting in line to pay.

Amazon has created a website outlining how the Just Walk Out technology works, how long it takes to install and what kind of data it collects. Retailers interested in the technology can reach out to Amazon through an email address provided on the site. According to Reuters, Amazon has already settled "several" deals with other retailers.

"Since launching Amazon Go years ago, many retailers have expressed an interest in offering similar checkout-free shopping experiences to their customers ... By extending our technology to other retailers, more customers will delight in the Just Walk Out experience as they can take what they want and leave without stopping to check out," the e-giant says on the Just Walk Out website.

Amazon currently runs 26 Amazon Go convenience stores and just opened its first Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle.

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