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Want healthy food? It comes at a price, say researchers

Researchers found that healthy diets costs significantly more than those based on processed foods

It seem health comes at a price–exactly $2,000 more annually, according to U.S. researchers. A study by the Harvard School of Public Healthpublished in the British Medical Journal Open found that families on a healthy diet will pay $2,000 more a year than those consuming less nutritious meals. Researcherslooked at 27 studies from 10 high-income countries to evaluate the price differences of foods and diet patterns and found it was $1.50/day more expensive to eat healthier. "Healthier" foods included fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts. Meat and protein was found to have the highest price difference at 29 cents more per serving. In Canada, Statistics Canada data found four million Canadians struggle to put food on the table because of a lack of money. To read more, go here.

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