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WEBINAR: How to help prevent store violence and improve operations

Learn how create a unified security system with this free on-demand session

As retail theft and violence continues to escalate, retailers are bolstering their security systems.

Unifying security systems on a single platform can allow businesses to easily integrate a range of new and existing technologies. 

In this free, on-demand webinar – “How to help prevent store violence and improve operations” – Nadia Ebeid, director of signature brands at Genetec, and Canadian Grocer’s editor-in-chief Shellee Fitzgerald discuss how a unified approach to security empowers retailers to detect and respond to potential threats efficiently and effectively. 

You’ll also learn how a unified platform provides greater visibility that leads to more efficient operations, a reduction in false alarms and the ability to capture and combine data for better business insights.

View the webinar on-demand here.

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