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What makes a great in-store dietitian

Before hiring, know what role the dietitian will play in your store

Supermarkets are hiring dietitians. And for good reason. Shoppers are looking for healthy food information, and dietitians are seen as credible and knowledgeable sources.

But what makes a good in-store dietitian? And how should a grocer go about hiring one?

The first thing a store manager should do is figure out what role the dietitian will play in the supermarket’s operations, says Allison Yoder, a registered dietitian at the American grocery chain Hy-Vee.

In an interesting article posted on the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance website, Yoder lists some of things grocers should keep in mind when bringing a dietitian into their store.

As Yoder points out, “Not all dietitians are the same.”

Read the full story here.

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