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When the food police reads your rights

The debate about eating in North America is becoming one sided

To listen to foodies and culinary writers, North Americans need to rethink how they cook, eat and shop. And government needs to rethink food policy.

A few suggestions: Local food laws should be put in place. And perhaps the price of food need to go up in order to discourage people from over-eating.

The problem with these sentiments is they are written by food elites, not those who actually work closely in the food industry, says Jayson Lusk, a professor at Oklahoma State University. He thinks the so-called food police is going to far.

"If one is looking for good advice on how to eat and cook well, the food elite have a lot to offer. The trouble comes when their pronouncements take the form of dictates and regulation that we all must heed regardless of our tastes, incomes or time constraints,” Lusk said.

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