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Whole Foods and Instacart marriage proves "fruit-full"

One year after partnership launched, it's clear customers want fresh produce

A year after the partnership between Whole Foods Market and grocery delivery service Instacart began, it's clear the relationships has produced many produce-loving fans.

A recent press release about the anniversary of the U.S. partnership lists several facts about the millions of items that have been delivered through it over the past year.

A couple of the more notable tidbits state that Instacart delivered four million cage-free eggs from Whole Foods over the year (supposedly "enough to serve an omelet to all 971,000 residents of Austin, Texas"), and also 2.2 million bananas ("enough to stretch from Boston to Philadelphia if placed end-to-end").

The release goes on to state that fresh produce is the top category that Whole Foods customers order when placing grocery orders through Instacart. It states that more than 40 per cent of all of the retailer's baskets delivered by Instacart include featured fresh produce items. The top five most often purchased products? Bananas, carrots, avocados, limes and lemons.

The grocery delivery service now delivers in 17 areas in the U.S., from Boston and Portland to L.A. and New York.

For the full release, click here.

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