Whole Foods' entry into Edmonton doesn't faze competitors

Local natural grocers say Whole Foods will bring awareness of their industry

News spread this week that Whole Foods will be opening a store in Edmonton next year. The reaction from existing natural grocers in the area was perhaps surprising: they welcome the competition from the popular organic grocer.

The Edmonton store will be the first Whole Foods location to open in Alberta; the company plans to expand its presence in the province by opening a store in Calgary in 2017.

A story in Metro's Edmonton edition reveals senior staff at two local Whole Foods' competitors view the arrival of the retailer as something that will create further consumer awareness about organic food.

One of the grocers, Earth's General Store owner, Michael Kalmanovitch, added that Whole Foods' presence may actually help his business because once people see Whole Foods' prices, they'll head to his store for better prices.

Read the full story here.

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