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Whole Foods faces food shortages in the U.S.

Shoppers across the country took to social media to share pictures of empty shelves

The sudden closure of its supplier of private label beans, grains, lentils and rice, along with weather-related issues affecting the availability of lettuce from California, has led to empty shelves in some Whole Foods Market stores, according to a published report.

Dissatisfied shoppers took to social media, posting images of understocked displays, with few or even no items, Business Insider reported.

Meanwhile, the company said it was stocking its shelves with brand-name alternatives that customers would be able to purchase in the next few weeks.

"Unfortunately, weather and other supply factors outside of our control occasionally impact product availability," a Whole Foods representative told Business Insider. "When this happens, we work as quickly as possible to find solutions and provide alternative options that meet our unparalleled quality standards."

Whole Foods shoppers from around the U.S. countered that out-of-stocks have been a persistent problem for months, according to the publication.

Whole Foods Canada did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

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