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Whole Foods introduces produce ratings program

Three-tier system displays rating of "good," "better" and "best"

In an effort to increase transparency, Whole Foods will be introducing a produce ratings program later this month. The initiative was first announced last September.  The company said they would present customers with a three-tier rating system and begin displaying ratings of "good," "better" and "best" throughout the produce and floral departments. Ratings will be based on an index Whole Foods developed in-house, that measures a product's performance when it comes to a variety of sustainable topics including (but not limited to): soil health, pest management, farmworker welfare and pollinator protection. The program will come into fruition Oct. 15. "Organic is not enough," John Mackey, co-chief executive officer at Whole Foods. "Consumers want total information, total transparency. Some people want it all." Read the full story here.

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