Whole Foods to look beyond organics

President A.C.

In a new interview with Foodtank, A.C. Gallo, president and chief merchandising officer of Whole Foods Market, says his company is focused on the next generation of natural food retail.

“We need to figure out a way to go beyond organic,” Gallo says. “Organic is great in terms of growing safer food, but it doesn’t really take into account everything that might be going on in the environment around it.”

Gallo says the retailer’s priorities for 2020 include ensuring that its products foster ethical and sustainable growing practices.

“For example, we’re going to spend a lot of time and energy looking into regenerative agriculture and how we can add that aspect to organic production,” Gallo says.

Organics don’t take into account everything going on in the soil and water, or farm labour practices, Gallo says.

"We believe we can take our Whole Trade program and expand it significantly to other parts of our supply chain, and to move it into other categories," Gallo says.

The president says the retailer will also focus on continuing to expand online grocery services (with the help of owner Amazon) and expanding the availability of its 365 private label range online. Whole Foods also plans to focus on improving its sustainable packaging practices, Gallo says.

This article appeared at ProgressiveGrocer.com.

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