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Why is Wegmans praised as the top U.S. grocery store? Here are 17 reasons

What have selection and kindness got to do with it?

A lot of consumer love gets heaped on Wegmans in the U.S. Scan through Twitter and you can find it referenced in glowing tweets (example: "My favorite store in the universe would have to be Wegmans").

Even fellow grocers give it kudos. In a recent interview with Canadian Grocer, Farm Boy CEO, Jeff York, said he believes Wegmans is the best operator, on a large scale, in the world.

So what's the secret to this mid-Atlantic chain's success? A recent Business Insider article that opens with news about Wegmans coming to New York City's Brooklyn Navy Yard goes on to describe 17 concise reasons that customers are die-hard followers of Wegmans.

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