Whyte's Foods invests $18 million in production facilities

Plants in Quebec and Ontario will see equipment upgrades and technology improvements

Whyte's Foods, the manufacturer of such brands as Strub’s, Whyte’s, Mrs. Whyte’s and Coronation, is spending $18 million in renovations and equipment upgrades across its facilities in Ontario and Quebec.

The company is spending more than $16.5 million to purchase and renovate a 150,000-sq.-ft. space in Wallaceburg, Ont. that will focus solely on producing marinated food products (relish, pickles and marinated peppers) for food service and retail clients, according to a press release. Construction is underway and is slated to finish in fall 2019. Whyte's Foods said it expected the new facility to create nearly 100 jobs.

Meanwhile, the company is spending $1.5 million on equipment and technology upgrades to its plant in Ste-Rose, Que., which it said would allow it to increase production in the province.

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