A wiki for those into food info

Users can browse 40,000 products and write their own reviews

A new website offers consumers the largest source of food product information in Canada, according to the developer.

The Food Wiki, created by a company called PortaLife Solutions, lets users browse for products by name or key attributes (for example, dairy-free), and read their full nutrition label, potential allergens and country of origin.

Users can also leave and read consumer reviews.

The website lists a whopping 40,000 products, and 2,000 brands, including private labels.

"The Food Wiki information combined with social sharing keeps the content current and relevant and increases consumer confidence about which food products are best for them," Wahiba Chair, CEO of PortaLife Solutions, said in a release.

According to the developer, the wiki grew out of a healthy eating iPhone app, called Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe.

Like the website, Carrotlines was designed to "help Canadians break through food label confusion by making it easy to apply food product information to their personal nutritional profile and goals plus provide fitness and nutritional content from Tommy Europe," says Chair.

Food companies can "partner" with The Food Wiki, using it as a marketing platform to promote their products and educate consumers about their unique offer.

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