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Will technology make the supermarket disappear?

New grocery models using technology are reinventing the supermarket of the 21st century

There's no doubt that technology will change the way Americans shop for groceries.

Here's a look at some of the cool companies that could make the bricks and mortar grocery store passé.

Good Eggs uses a "farm-to-fridge" business model so instead of using distribution centres with unchanging inventory, and its storefront is online. Local farms supply only what customers have ordered that day, so its stock is emptied daily.

But Good Eggs isn't just another online grocer, it's as much a tech start-up as it is a food vendor, says a report. Tech-focused employees are responsible for the storefront, the back-end, and the product-tracking system.

Another high-tech grocer of the future is San Francisco's Local Mission Eatery & Local's Corner, what is being called the first, locally-sourced, handmade-only grocery. Expected to open in Septmeber, the grocer's inventory, from fresh to prepared, will be available online for pick-up. An in-store iPad app will pre-weigh produce and bulk bins, there's also printed bar codes to speed up checkout.

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