Will tumblr showing abandoned Targets get traffic?

Blog memorializes the Target Canada locations that have been left behind

Target may be gone from Canada, but some artifacts from its failed entry still remain.

In January, less than two years after opening its first stores in Canada, the Minneapolis-based company admitted defeat and announced it would be pulling out of the great north.

By May, all of the company's 133 locations were closed. While some have been scooped up by other retailers–Walmart, for example, has bought 13 former Target stores, while Canadian Tire scooped up 12–the majority are still sitting ownerless, collecting dust.

Now, a Tumblr called "Abandoned Targets of Canada" is documenting Canada's abandoned Target stores. The sowner, an associate professor at the University of Winnipeg, has posted 50 stores as of today – a combination of his own photos, and outside contributions.

Seems like the "Abandoned Targets of Canada" tumblr is likely to get more traffic than the actual stores ever did.





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