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Woman-owned PPE manufacturer helps to lead the way for a safer reopening

Southmedic products provide comfort, protection, and peace of mind
A male grocery clerk wearing a blue apron and a PPE mask holding a bag of groceries

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and businesses further open, health and safety remain top of mind. In fact, a study conducted by Ipsos found that 3 in 5 Canadians now rate health and safety equally important to good customer service. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the study also found 82% of Canadians considered health and safety measures to be the most important factor when choosing to return to a retailer.

Ontario-based Southmedic Inc. understands consumers’ concerns – and what retailers must do. “Retailers need to show their customers they are taking things seriously,” says Lee McDonald, Founder and President of Southmedic. “And part of that is ensuring all staff has the proper equipment – not just masks - but quality face shields and eye shields. When customers see properly equipped staff, they are reassured that the retailer is taking reopening seriously, keeping their staff and customers safe, and they can shop with peace of mind.”

Businesses also need to consider the benefits of quality PPE beyond physical health and safety. “Face shields and eye shields that are comfortable and well-made really show that a retailer has made their employees a priority. It can be a morale boost to staff when they know their employer cares about their well being, especially as more and more people come through the doors and physical distancing becomes more problematic,” McDonald added.

McDonald comes by this view honestly. Prior to founding Southmedic Inc. in 1983, as a trained nurse, she saw a need for innovative, Canadian-made healthcare products. “So much of what I used was poorly made and uncomfortable and I knew we could change that.” Today, Southmedic produces the BetterShield™ Contoured Shield and Clear Choice™ Eye Shields that more than live up to McDonald’s vision for her products.

BetterShield 3D contoured design reduces the risk of contaminants entering a mask through the bottom or sides while providing distortion-free optics. The one-size fits all design also has space for glasses, goggles or masks for added comfort while being BPA and latex-free.

Clear Choice eye shields are also designed for comfort, easily worn over prescription glasses and with masks.

“I’m so proud of our commitment to quality and cost efficiency,” concludes McDonald. Retailers should be able to get made-in-Canada solutions that don’t break the bank.”

Interested in Southmedic products? Shop online at or call 1-800-463-7146.

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