You are getting sleepy... with Shaw Media and Febreeze

P&G, Shaw create three on-demand TV channels to promote its new Febreze scents

Febreze has become Febrez-z-z-z-z-e in a new marketing program launched this week in partnership with Shaw Media.

To promote three new scents in its Sleep Serenity Collection, the P&G brand and Shaw have created three on-demand TV channels designed to help people get a good night’s sleep.

Conceived by Starcom MediaVest Group in association with MediaCom and BCP, the program has been in development for the past six months.

Created by Shaw’s in-house production unit D71, each of the three themed channels features a 60-minute program that combines soothing music and images intended to lull viewers to sleep. Each channel reflects the three new scents in the Febreze collection: Moonlit Lavendar, Warm Milk & Honey and Quiet Jasmine. All three scents are designed for use in the bedroom.

The company worked with most of the major BDUs in the country, including sister company Shaw Communications and Rogers Cable, to get the channels in place. They are housed in the Global Television section of the on-demand menu.

“To do this on linear television would have been almost impossible, so we found different outlets on VOD to make this work,” said Errol Da-Ré, senior vice-president of sales for Shaw.

The channels are reminiscent of Swiss Chalet’s award winning Rotisserie Channel, which displayed images of rotisserie chickens 24/7 back in 2011, although its on-demand nature means that consumers must actively seek it out.

Shaw has created a series of three 15-second promo spots that are airing on its various broadcast properties, including Global Television, HGTV, Food Network Canada and Slice and between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Da-Ré called VOD services an “untapped” avenue for broadcasters, and said he expects to see more activity in the space. “You’re probably going to be seeing most broadcasters starting to look at their VOD platform a lot more, because it’s another avenue for different kinds of creative,” he said. “It could house things that may be difficult to run on linear television.”

The Febreze channels are targeting women aged 25-54. They direct viewers to or tweet using the hashtag #mysleepserenity to receive a complimentary sample of the new Fabreze product.

This article originally appeared in Marketing magazine.

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