2020 Star Women in Grocery winner Wendy Woods (Q&A)


Rising star

Wendy Woods
Director of Customer Marketing
Kellogg Canada Inc.

How did you get into the CPG/grocery business?
My grocery industry exposure started very early in my career and was influenced by my father, who also started his career in CPG. While I was in university, I had an opportunity to “carry the bag” while working as a retail sales rep for two consecutive summers. As a summer student, I travelled throughout Ontario calling on grocery stores in DSD (direct store delivery) territories while the full-time reps took vacation. It was a fantastic experience and gave me valuable insights to direct selling, merchandising the shelf and managing multiple priorities. This led me to a sales role at Kellogg Canada upon graduating from university.

What are your greatest career achievements?
Twenty-six fantastic years with the Kellogg Company is one of my biggest career achievements. I am a very proud employee and I’ve been fortunate to have several unique and challenging roles with the same company. Throughout the years, I have split my career between various sales and marketing roles, and worked on many global teams, which provided a great opportunity to meet and learn from so many diverse and talented people. I’ve also had the opportunity to recruit and coach many talented people. Seeing those people promoted and excel in their careers is something I consider a personal achievement as well.

What do you like most about your job?
I am driven by the fast-paced environment of sales—managing multiple priorities and working as part of a commercial team. I love seeing strategies come to life with our retailers, our shoppers and our consumers. I also find it very rewarding to see them embrace initiatives I’ve helped to develop.

What is your best quality?
I get energized by working with people, building effective strategies and executing great plans. I am solutions-oriented and actually love multi-tasking!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Every day might not be good, but find something good in every day.” When I am faced with challenging situations, I try to look for the underlying positive message and learn from it. Tomorrow is a new day full of promise.

What is the biggest challenge faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
I’d say my biggest challenge is work life balance—how to prioritize both my family and demands of my job. I work hard to set a good example for my family, living by the “be here now” mantra and demonstrating that I can do both. With their help we make it all work.

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