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2023 Star Women in Grocery Award Winner Annie St-Onge (Q&A)

Senior-Level Star
Annie St-Onge
Annie St-Onge

Annie St-Onge

VP, Merchandising, Perishable Products

How did you get your start in the grocery business?

I started as a nutritionist, right after I completed my degree. My role was to help producers introduce new products on the market. I had also the chance to work as a consultant for a food retailer. It is there that I was immersed in the grocery business. I quit my job as a nutritionist and started a new position as replenisher for deli meat. 

What do you like most about your job?

There is no day like another, no routine. I’m in charge of the fresh departments, so there is always something new coming up. The market is changing constantly, and we must adapt quickly. Also, consumers’ habits are constantly evolving, I like to understand and analyse consumers data to make sure we make the right decision and develop new strategies. 

What would you say is the biggest highlight of your career, so far?

To have successfully managed a role change with added responsibilities during the pandemic. I changed from procurement to merchandising early 2020 and then was promoted to head of the fresh departments six months later. As a team, we have been able to deliver results, despite the changing environment and the multiple head winds.

How would you describe your leadership style?

One of my priorities is to develop talent. I think it’s important that each person of my team feels that they contribute to the results. I also encourage them to take decisions and to challenge mine! 

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I like to be outside, to play outside! I’m a cyclist, but also a skier and a trail runner. Sports have always been part of my routine and it allows me to bring a balance in my life. I make sure to book an hour per day in my schedule to practice an activity.

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