5 design trends to help private-label brands standout

Iconic imagery and expressive type are just two of the ways you can boost your brands on shelf

Do your private-label products stand out on shelf? Or do they get lost in a sea of sameness? In today's retail landscape, what's on the outside is just as important as what's on the inside, according to a packaging design whitepaper from retail services company Daymon, which is why retailers need to attract attention on shelf.

In its 2019 Private Brand Intelligence Report, Daymon says 85% of consumers trust private brands as much as national brands; 81% buy private brands on every or almost every shopping trip; and that 53% say they shop at a store specifically for its private brand. These percentages will continue to increase, and packaging plays a major role in this.

“Keeping your brands on trend visually will give them greater standout on shelf, make them easier to shop and help to elevate the quality perception of the products,” the whitepaper reads.

Daymon offers five design trends for private brands to keep them on trend visually.

“Simplicity is powerful as it conveys a targeted message to consumers,” according to Daymon. “Streamlined designs stand out as they bring a cleaner presentation to the shelf while still being effective in communicating differences to the consumer.”

Colour impact
Seems a no-brainer, but the power of colour can never be underestimated. “As a brand asset, colour creates consistency across categories and improves consumer recognition throughout the store,” says Daymon.

Iconic imagery
Imagery is so important because “in the world of social media, we are all foodies,” Daymon notes. “We capture every spectacular thing we eat and share it with the world. Within retail, packaging has the ability to make the same connection with consumers that social media does with followers.”

Daymon stresses that retailers need to embrace personality in packaging by using design to “visualize the personality of the company or brand.”

Expressive Type
Big, impactful typography sends a “clear and loud message.” Big type screams, “Look at me!”

A version of this article appeared at StoreBrands.com.

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