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5 ways Canadian egg farmers are cracking innovation and caring for their animals

Chickens in a coop
Egg farmers balance innovations in animal housing systems with environmental considerations, providing Canadians with a choice

For many Canadians, eggs are a part of life – versatile, nutritious and accessible. That’s why people across the country are eating more eggs than ever, and we’re producing more than ever, too.

But for the 1,200 Canadian egg farmers like myself who bring the eggs to your table, they aren’t just a part of life, they’re a way of life. 

We work year-round to produce high-quality, fresh eggs sustainably. Behind each egg is a story of passion, commitment to care and drive to innovate. These days, Canadian egg farmers are future-focused and are continuously looking for ways to improve their practice so consumers can continue to have access to the best eggs possible and our animals are well cared for, now and in the future.

So, how exactly do we bring modern innovation and sustainability practices to the job of egg farming?

    Canadians are fortunate to have access to high-quality eggs that come from healthy, well-cared-for hens. That’s because all Canadian egg farmers must meet the rigorous requirements of the national Animal Care Program (going twenty years strong and evolving along the way) and our on-farm food safety program to maintain their Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) certification.

    We’re also proactively shifting to new production methods like enriched colony housing systems that balance animal care with environmental considerations, along with free range and free run systems. A variety of systems ensure Canadians have a range of equally nutritious eggs to choose from at various price points. Today, less than half of hens in Canada are in conventional production systems, a number that’s getting lower every year.


    Our Animal Care Program is based on nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of farm animals called a Code of Practice which was developed with the help of farmers, animal welfare advocacy groups and enforcement agencies, scientists, veterinarians, retail, government and more. Under this national program, all Canadian egg farms undergo regular inspections and third-party audits, ensuring standards are applied consistently across the country and the best eggs are produced no matter where you are in Canada.
A man in a blue T-shirt standing in front of an electronic board pushing buttons
New technology allows egg farmers to check in on their hens and ensure their well being
    Egg farming is a sophisticated endeavour. Canadian egg farmers are using the latest technology in their day-to-day operations to gather precise data on how much their hens eat and drink and the temperature and humidity inside the barn, all to ensure their hens are comfortable. While you might use your smartphone to check in on your house, we’re using similar smart technology to observe and keep tabs on our hens. 
Two men standing on a farm
Focusing on the future, many egg farmers use nature as a power source, reducing their ecological footprint
    Canadian egg farmers have been farming sustainably for decades, and many use renewable solar or wind energy to power their barns. We also balance hen housing systems with environmental considerations to reduce our impact. So, when it’s all said and done, nutritious Canadian eggs are being made in more eco-friendly ways.
Headshot of third-generation egg farmer Roger Pelissero wearing a blue T-shirt in front of a farm
Roger Pelissero, a third-generation egg farmer from Ontario and Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada, is passionate about training a new generation of industry leaders
    We aren’t just reshaping an industry for today, we’re also setting the stage for the future. That starts with training a new generation of leaders in the egg farming community, passing along knowledge and opportunities to young people, supporting women farmers and listening to new voices for continuous progress. It’s exciting to see so many young people join our vibrant industry!

I’m proud to be an egg farmer, and I would say there’s never been a better time to be one – but considering all the great advances underway and on the horizon, it looks like there are even better days ahead.

So, the next time you enjoy eggs, remember the passion, commitment and drive that goes into making some of the highest quality eggs on earth, and know that we’ll always work to make them even better.

By Roger Pelissero

Roger Pelissero is a third-generation egg farmer from Ontario and Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. Visit to learn more about egg farming in Canada.

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